Child/Youth Services


Organization Name & Link           Current Information

4-C (Community Coordinated             Closed. Providing information/services remotely.  Informational link for         Child Care)                                             Parenting During a Period of Social Distancing.

Children's Home + Aid                           Closed

Court Appointed Special Advocates  Providing services remotely.  Staff can be reached at 815-895-2052 or                  (CASA) for Children DeKalb County  CASA advocates will continue contact with children on

                                                                          their cases (and their caregivers) through phone or other methods of

                                                                          communication. The DeKalb County Circuit Court will continue to hear

                                                                          temporary custody hearings and emergency motions related to child abuse

                                                                          and neglect. CASA will continue to attend any in person hearing held by the

                                                                          court and will participate in any scheduled case meetings via phone or virtual

                                                                          conferencing. CASA continues to advocate for the needs of 100% of abused and

                                                                          neglected children in DeKalb County during this time, including food, health,

                                                                          safety and education.

Family Service Agency:

Children's Advocacy Center                Providing services remotely, and will be in contact

                                                                        with families to provide advocacy and case

                                                                        management.  Available to Multidisciplinary Team

                                                                        & will be conducting interviews for children involved

                                                                        in an investigation.  FSA will still have ability to

                                                                        conduct medical evaluations. Call (815) 758-8616.

Youth Mentoring                                      Providing services remotely, and in regular contact

                                                                        with families.  Matches are encouraged to connect

                                                                        via phone, video and/or email.  Call (815) 758-8616.

The Growing Place                               Closed until March 30.

Kishwaukee Family YMCA                  Closed. Credits will be issued to active membership accounts. Membership

                                                                        concerns can be directed to (815)-375-5391 or

Kishwaukee Special                             Closed

Recreation Association

NIU Child Development                       Closed until April 5

and Family Center

Two Rivers Head Start                         Closed

Youth Outlook                                        Providing services remotely through online chats

                                                                        and video conferencing. Building is closed until April 6.


Visit: 1325 Sycamore Rd..  |  DeKalb, IL 60115

Call: 815-758-8616


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