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Organization Name & Link          Current Information

DeKalb Area Women's Center           Closed to the end of March. Staff are working remotely and can be contacted at


DeKalb County Housing Authority   Providing services remotely. Building is closed to the public, but they can be

                                                                       contacted by phone, email, or through website. Housing choice vouchers can be                                                                                 applied for online

DeKalb Township                                   All services are being performed remotely. The building is closed to the public. All

                                                                      phone lines remain active. For information on financial assistance information, call

                                                                      (815)-758-8282. We are working directly with local social service agencies and food

                                                                      pantries to help provide additional resources to those in need. We will be working to

                                                                      update our website with articles on how people can get additional help, as well as

                                                                      what resources are being provided.

Division of Rehab Services                 Providing Services Remotely. Existing or prospective customers can call 1-877-581-

                                                                      3690 to receive assistance regarding DRS programs and services that are designed to

                                                                      allow those with disabilities throughout the state to live, learn, and work

                                                                      independently. These services include in-home services, assistive technology,

                                                                      vocational and occupational rehabilitation, educational services for individuals with

                                                                      all types of disabilities, including Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Illinoisans, Blind people,

                                                                      and people with low vision, along with other supports. 

Elder Care Services                               Providing services remotely only. They have funding to assist seniors and vulnerable

                                                                      adults with basic needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Assistance may include food,

                                                                      groceries, prescriptions, basic essentials and more. Call the Agency at (815) 758-6550.

Farmworker & Landscaper                 Providing services remotely. Available by phone, text, Whatsapp, social media and/or

Advocacy Project (FLAP)                     email. They improve working conditions for low-income farmworkers, nursery

                                                                      workers, greenhouse workers, landscapers, snow plowing workers, packinghouse

                                                                      workers, cannery workers, restaurant workers and meat and poultry workers and

                                                                      their households. See attached flyers for free legal services provided.

Family Service Agency

Community Action Program               Providing services remotely. Our Family Support Specialists are continuing case                                                                                 management with clients via phone and email. We continue to provide assistance in

                                                                       any way we are able and to provide the community with all available resource 

                                                                       information. We will continue to update the COVID-19 resource guide as we receive

                                                                       updated information from each agency. Call Agency at (815) 758-8616 for assistance.

Senior Services                                         We are completing regular wellness check ins to make sure clients know of available

(Club 55 & Senior Connections)          resources, to ensure they have what they need, and just to conversate with them.

                                                                       Call the Agency at (815) 758-8616 for assistance.

Hope Haven                                               We are unable to take new residents at this time, only open for staff and current

                                                                       residents. Donations are still accepted and we are in need of food, cleaning products,

                                                                       and hand sanitizer. For donations please call ahead as they need to be dropped off at

                                                                       the entrance.

Love, Inc.

Pay It Forward House                            Providing services. Provides housing to family members of people receiving medical                                                                          treatment in Dekalb. Hours are 9am-11am. Can be contacted at 815-762-4882.

RAMP (Regional Access                        Providing services electronically and over the phone. The building is closed to the & Mobilization Project)                             public thru March 28.


Safe Passage                                            Our shelter is still operating but unable to take new residents at this time. All services

                                                                       are still available however some services have been modified due to current COVID-

                                                                       19 regulations. If anyone needs assistance they can call our hotline at (815) 756-5228.

                                                                       For emergency housing needs please call (800) 799-7233.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul            Food Pantry on Fisk Ave in DeKalb is closed until further notice. Financial

                                                                      assistance helpline continues to operate weekly according to scheduled volunteer

                                                                      hours; Our in home visits to clients seeking financial assistance continues via

                                                                      telephone conferencing for rent and utilities financial assistance. They serve DeKalb,

                                                                      Sycamore, Cortland, Hinckley, Kirkland, Malta, Genoa, Kingston, Lee, Maple Park, and

                                                                      Waterman regardless of religious affiliation, race, sex, age, or social status. Can be

                                                                      contacted at (815) 200-4730.

We Care Pregnancy Clinic                  Clinic is closed but the Helpline is open at 815-780-9097 by text message and call.

                                                                      They are providing pregnancy tests, education, and support. Can also be contacted 

                                                                      on Facebook and at their website.




Visit: 1325 Sycamore Rd..  |  DeKalb, IL 60115

Call: 815-758-8616


Family Service Agency keeps all information provided and collected private. 

No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

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