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Adventure Works                                            Outdoor behavioral healthcare for youth is now offering in-person, outdoor

                                                                               sessions during normal business hours for individuals and groups, in addition to                                                                                   continuing counseling services via telehealth. Please call 815-517-0825 or go                                                                                           to website with questions or to schedule an appointment. Additional COVID-19                                                                                    safety guidelines can be found here.


Ben Gordon Center                                         Providing video and phone counseling services with normal operating hours.

                                                                               Building is open for crisis walk-ins.

DeKalb County YSB                                        Due to the CoVID-19 outbreak, many of our youth won’t be able to continue 

                                                                               services. However, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer

                                                                               telemental health services to ensure continuity of care. If you have any questions,

                                                                               please contact J.J. Wett, our Clinical Director at (815) 570-9176.

Family Center of NIU                                      Currently accepting new clients. HIPAA-compliant video and phone sessions are                                                                                  available. Can be contacted at 815-753-1684 or at

Family Service Agency                                  Providing services remotely. All groups are currently cancelled. All other services

Center for Counseling                                    are being offered via telehealth web-based video and/or telehealth telephone.

                                                                               Additionally, clinicians will call clients weekly or according to an agreed upon 

                                                                               schedule and provide case management services as needed. Call the Agency at

                                                                               (815) 758-8616 for assistance.

LivingRite                                                           Open with normal operating hours. All regular in-house services, as well as tele-

                                                                               health options are available for existing clients.

NIU Dept. of Counseling                               Providing telecounseling services to students and the campus community. Can                                                                                   be reached at 815-753-1206. Also providing psychiatry appointments. For                                                                                                 psychiatry inquiries call 815-306-2777. Additionally, the app IntelliCare is                                                                                                   designed for NIU students, and is useful for self-care and stress management.



Visit: 1325 Sycamore Rd..  |  DeKalb, IL 60115

Call: 815-758-8616


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