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Every dollar helps us make our new home the perfect space to provide the same stellar services we have been providing DeKalb County for over 60 years!

The majority of our funding comes from community members like you.

Without your continued support, we would be unable to help our friends and neighbors in need.

Every child who has been abused deserves a safe place to be heard.

Stand up against child abuse! Donate today to Children's Advocacy Center to provide safety to a child and their non-offending family so they may successfully work through their experience.

Everyone deserves to be supported in making positive changes in their lives.

Life comes with many ups and downs, and oftentimes additional support is needed. Donate today to Center for Counseling to help a community member thrive.

Every senior deserves to be independent, safe, and to live with dignity.

Help keep older adults' golden years shining, and donate today to Senior Services to help sustain our Senior Centers as an outlet of friendship and fun.

Every child deserves someone who

believes in them.

Donate today to Youth Mentoring to provide a positive mentor to be an encouraging presence to a child in need of an extra guiding voice. 

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