School Organization & Link                          Current Information

DeKalb School District #428                                    Reopening plan can be found here.

Sycamore School District #427                               Cancelled until further notice. E-learning information found on e-learning

                                                                                             link. Meals are being provided for k-12 by order and can be picked up at

                                                                                             Sycamore High School.

St. Mary's Catholic School - Sycamore                 Cancelled until further notice. Not providing students with meals at this


Genoa-Kingston School District #424                   Cancelled until further notice. Each G-K student receives 2 meals to be

                                                                                             picked up from 9am-11am. To get meals send an email to 

                                                                                    with your students name(s), where you would

                                                                                             pickup, or if your address is outside of kingston/genoa, ask for an

                                                                                             alternative arrangement. Kingston address - pickup at G-K volunteer Fire

                                                                                             dept. or G-K HS parking lot from bus. Genoa address - pickup at Genoa

                                                                                             Vets Home, City hall, or Masonic Lodge.

Hiawatha School District #426                                Cancelled until further notice. Meals provided for K-12 after spring break

                                                                                             has ended. School has advised to watch email and website for

                                                                                             dates/times or email for special arrangements if needed. Please contact

                                                                                             the Elementary School at (815) 522-3336 or JH/HS at (815) 522-3335 office

                                                                                             and we will make special arrangements.

Hinckley-Big Rock School District #429               Cancelled until further notice. Podcast, Brain Pop, Math, & Science video

                                                                                             links are on the website. The website also has COVID e-book for kids and

                                                                                             further COVID information. No information available for current meals


Indian Creek School District #425                          Cancelled until March 30. Free lunches provided through the link. The

                                                                                             District will be providing lunch for any student who is 18 years of age or

                                                                                             younger on the following days: March 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 30th. The

                                                                                             to-go lunches will be available at Indian Creek High School, Indian Creek

                                                                                             Middle School, and Paw Paw Elementary from 11-12:30 pm on the

                                                                                             available dates. The district will also drop off meals at the N.I.C.E. Center

                                                                                             parking lot in Lee from 11:30-12:00 pm. Order your lunch by 8 am by filling

                                                                                             out this form: Lunch Form. Questions about the lunch can be directed to

                                                                                             Cheri Ballard at All meals will be free.

Sandwich School District #430                               Closed until further notice. E-learning is being provided. School district to

                                                                                             resume breakfast and lunch on March 30th after Sprig Break has ended.

                                                                                             YMCA to provide breakfast and lunch during Spring Break. After Spring

                                                                                             Break YMCA will provide dinner. YMCA is located at 707 S. Main St.


Somonauk School District #432                              Closed until further notice. E-learning being provided. Somonauk School

                                                                                             District wants to offer lunch to all of our students and/or siblings under

                                                                                             the age of 18. Please complete form and lunches will be available for pick

                                                                                             up on Monday and Thursday at Somonauk High School between the

                                                                                             hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Questions can be directed to


Kishwaukee Community College                            Campus is closed March 30-May 19. Contact your academic advisor with

                                                                                             any hardships during this time. Please watch your email for any updates.

                                                                                             Kody’s Cupboard (Food Pantry) will be open from 9 am to 2 pm, with

                                                                                             additional perishable items available in Kish Café on a first come basis

                                                                                             (For Students Only).

Waubonsee Community College                            Campuses remain closed until April 12. NO meals provided.

                                                                                             Commencement has been cancelled, and online course deliver will

                                                                                             continue through the end of the spring semester.

Northern Illinois University (NIU)                            Please know we’re committed to ensuring your safety and well-being

                                                                                             during this ever-changing global crisis. Though face-to-face instruction at

                                                                                             NIU has been discontinued for spring 2020, we're continuing to offer

                                                                                             housing in the residence halls and Northern View Apartments through

                                                                                             the end of the semester for students who have no alternate housing

                                                                                             plans. You should already have returned to campus by now. If you have

                                                                                             not yet returned to campus, you need to stay at home and email us at

                                                                                    to request a Special Arrangement. Pre-packed meals

                                                                                             will be available at Neptune dining hall from 11am-1pm and dinner from

                                                                                             4pm-6pm. Residents will be given an additional bag of food for their

                                                                                             room that may include breakfast.

DeKalb Regional Office of Education (ROE)        Open by appointment only. Family Success Liaisons are delivering care

                                                                                             packages and checking in on students referred to ROE. Assisting school

                                                                                             districts with food distribution to students. Office staff is working

                                                                                             remotely. Professional Development staff are helping teachers remotely

                                                                                             with eLearning. Testing Center is closed. Fingerprints for employment are

                                                                                             by appointment. Regional Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent

                                                                                             are working. Can be contacted by e-mail at

                                                                                    or by phone at 815-217-0460.


Visit: 1325 Sycamore Rd..  |  DeKalb, IL 60115

Call: 815-758-8616


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