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Illinois Dept. of Healthcare          Updated information from IDHFS regarding multiple items including COVID-19 testing    

and Family Services                      for IL residents.  Plus, here is information on HFS' update FAQs for

                                                                IL Medicaid Virtual Healthcare Expansion/Telehealth Emergency Rules.

DeKalb County                                  Open by appointment only. WIC, Family case management, Immunizations, & Family

Health Dept                                      Planning available by appointment only. Informational links on website with COVID-19

                                                                explanation and guidance.

Northwestern Medicine,                 Open with normal operating hours.

Kishwaukee Hospital

NW Medicine, Sycamore                Open with normal operating hours.

Gateway Drive

(former DeKalb Clinic)

Physicians Immediate Care          Open with normal operating hours.

Center for Family Health                Open with regular operating hours. Providing all regular services, including women's

                                                                 health care, children's health, etc.

Sycamore Integrated Health        Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8 am-6 pm, Thursday 1 pm-6 pm, and Friday 7 am-

                                                                 12pm. Providing all regular services.

Northern Rehab                              Open with normal operating hours providing physical therapy.

Physical Therapy

Olympia Chiropractic &                Open with normal operating hours providing physical therapy.

Physical Therapy



Visit: 1325 Sycamore Rd..  |  DeKalb, IL 60115

Call: 815-758-8616


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